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Join us in our work to preserve Mount Sunapee State Park for its essential public values and to protect the region’s quality of life, clean waters and open spaces.

Over a century ago, Herbert Welsh, the father of land conservation on Mount Sunapee, worked to: “Save Mount Sunapee for all people to all time!

Welsh working with the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire preserved over 1,000 acres on Mount Sunapee before the Forest Society ceded their holdings to the State of New Hampshire in the formation of our mountain park.

Now, it is our turn to preserve and protect Mount Sunapee. Working together, let us ensure the area’s scenic beauty and natural resources are protected for current and future generations.

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Volunteer: We welcome your interest and need your expertise. Please Contact FOMS today to see how you can help us continue our important work. Explore FOMS’ volunteer opportunities, from serving as a community contact to joining one of our committees.

Share: FOMS continues to gather and share information about Mount Sunapee and the history and activities that impact our state park and regional communities. Please contact us to share your stories and images.


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