Mount Sunapee State Park Management and Policies

This page provides documents related to ski area operations and lease at Mount Sunapee State Park. N.H. Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR), Division of Parks & Recreation is responsible for the management of the state park. Prior to July 2017 and legislative reorganization of the Dept. of Resources and Economic  Development, DRED was the responsible agency.

Request for Proposals –  Operation of State-Owned Ski Area at Mount Sunapee State Park – Issued by N.H. Joint Legislative Committee to Develop Proposals for Operation of Cannon Mount and Mount Sunapee Ski Areas and DRED – 1998 January (pdf 3.1MB)

Okemo Proposal for the Operation of the Mount Sunapee Ski Area –  1998 April (pdf 2.2MB)

Map of Ski Area Leasehold 1998

Click to enlarge. Map of Mt. Sunapee Ski Area filed with 1998 Lease Agreement between the State of New Hampshire and Okemo, Inc.

Mt. Sunapee Ski Area Operating Lease (1998) (pdf 520kb)

  • Appendix 1- Map
  • Appendix 2 – Property Description of Lease Premises
  • Appendix 3 – Assets


Revised lease area at Mount Sunapee State Park, 2015






2016 Lease Amendment – Mt-Sunapee Lease-Amendment_031116

2016 Conditions Letter – RMDP-Approval-Letter-Conditions

Public Involvement & Oversight Policy  for the Mount Sunapee Ski Area” – DRED – 1998, August  (pdf)

Land and Water Conservation Fund State Assistance Program (LWCF) – (pdf 536kb)

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Contracts for development of Mount Sunapee State Park (pdf 1.2MB)

LWCF Pillsbury Sunapee Grant 33-00088 (pdf 2MB)

LWCF 33-00088 MAP Color Legend (pdf 580kb)

LWCF Grants – Associated pages for Mount Sunapee State Park Grants – SCORP (State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan) (pdf 878kb)

NH Outdoors Resource Protection – Pg38 (pdf 140 kb)

Guiding Principles for Leases Adopted by the State Park System Advisory Council

2/6/2012 – SPSAC Guiding-Principles-for-Leasing (pdf 22kb)

Enabling N.H. Legislation to Lease State Ski Operations (1996) – Section 12-A:29-a (pdf 34kb). Effective July 1, 2017, Section 12-A_29-a Lease Agreement; Terms

See our Mount Sunapee Advisory Committee page for MSAC meetings, minutes and Annual Operating Plans (2016, 2017, 2018)

Most Recent Master Development Plans

Revised Master Development Plan and Environmental Management Plan (2016-2020) – Read the revised plan and related documents in parts:

Revised Five Year Master Development Plan 2016-2020  Mt-Sunapee_2016-2020_RMDP (pdf 10.2 MB)

Appendix – MSR-Master-Appendix (pdf 9MB

Environmental Management Plan – Mt-Sunapee_2016-2020_EMP (pdf 3.3MB)

Lease Amendment – Mt-Sunapee_Lease-Amendment_031116

Conditions Letter – RMDP-Approval-Letter-Conditions

Lease Amendment West Bowl Lands – Exhibit A – Lease-Amend_WB-Lands_Exhibit-A

Lease Amendment Conservation Lands – Exhibit B – Lease-Amend_Conserv-Lands_Exhibit-B

Public Comment Analysis presented by DRED:





This is the original, proposed plans for 2015-2019 (June 2014) – Read  in four parts:

I. Master Development Plan (pdf 16MB)

II. Environmental Management Plan (pdf 11MB)

III. Appendices Document I and Document II (pdf 11MB and 20MB)

Earlier Operating and Development Plans submitted to DRED by Okemo/Mount Sunapee Resort for the Mount Sunapee Ski Area and DRED’s Responses

Earlier Annual Operating Plans

May 2015: MSR AOP 2015-2016 (pdf 35MB) and Commissioner Rose’s Response AOP-2015-2016 (pdf 414 kb)

May 2014: 2014 AOP-FINAL (pdf 20MB) and Commissioner Rose’s Response to AOP 2014-2015 (pdf 1.1MB)

May 2013: Mount-Sunapee-Annual-Plan-2013-2014 (pdf 25MB) and Commissioner Rose’s Response with NHDES comments (pdf 3.4MB)

Feb. 2012: Mount Sunapee Annual-Plan_2012-13 (pdf 496kb) and Commissioner Bald’s Response

May 2011: AOP 2011-12 Final (pdf 96kb) and Okemo/MSR Summer-Recreational-Proposal (November 2011) (pdf 1.7MB) and Commissioner Bald Response to AOP 2011-2012 (pdf)

May 2010: AOP 2010-11 (pdf 2MB) and Commissioner Bald’s Response to AOP 2010-2011 (pdf 104 kb)

May 2009: AOP 2009-2010 (pdf 1.47MB)

May 2008: AOP 2008-2009 (pdf 3.59MB)

Earlier Master Development Plans

June 2009, for 2009-2014Download/view in four parts:

MSR-MasterPlan_pg-i-34 (2009-2014)) (pdf 7MB)

MSR-MasterPlan_pg-35-79 (2009-2014) (pdf 5.01MB)

MSR-MasterPlan_pg-80-84-Maps (2009-2014) (pdf 7.66MB)

MSR-Master-Appendix (2009-2014) (pdf 9MB)

Commissioner Bald’s Letter in Response to MSR MasterPlan (2009-2014) (pdf 108.76kb)

2004 Proposed Master Development Plan Documents

NOTE: The 2004 MDP documents were scanned in 2004 from original copies obtained at the Newbury NH Town Hall.

Okemo Master Development Plan with Real Estate 2004 (6.2 MB)

Okemo Environmental Management Plan 2004 (2.5 MB)

Appendix E Base Area Well Evaluation 2004 (1.9 MB)

Appendix F Wastewater Facilities 2004 (356.8 KB)

Appendix G Wetlands and Water Survey 2004 (1.3 MB)

Appendix H Snowmelt Drainage 2004 (1.2 MiB)

Appendix I Traffic Impacts 2004 (2.1 MB)

Appendix J Wildlife Study 2004 (321.5 KB)

Appendix K Economic Impact Study 2004 (1.4 MB)

Map West Bowl Skiing Proposal 2004 (1.1 MB)

Map West Bowl Real Estate 2004 (1.0 MB)

Map EMP-2 2004 (1.0 MiB)

On June 1, 2004, Okemo released its first Master Development Plan that included their proposed West Bowl expansion on Mount Sunapee. See more via FOMS page: All About Real Estate





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