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Public meeting discusses update of Sunapee watershed plan

Water resource protection in the Sunapee watershed is the topic of a public meeting on Thursday, April 12, 2018, at the Lake Sunapee Protective Association Learning Center, 63 Main Street, Sunapee.

“LSPA has been awarded a federal grant through the NHDES Watershed Assistance Program to update the existing Management Plan for the Sunapee Watershed,” according to the announcement. “We welcome town board members and the public to learn about and contribute to the 2-year process.”

“The Sunapee watershed consists of portions of the towns of Sunapee, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Goshen, and Sutton.”

For more information see, the LSPA event listing  —

The 2008 management plan is available on FOMS website —

Saving Special Places conference to be held April 7 in Alton

Saving Special Places, New Hampshire’s annual land conservation conference will be held on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at Prospect Mountain High School in Alton. This year’s conference will offer 30 workshops. Topics will include conservation planning; farmland conservation; wildlife habitats and species; legal issues; “creative ways to connect,” and more. Additionally, the event provides networking opportunities with colleagues and practitioners in land conservation. For more information, go to

Goshen holds hearing Dec. 7 on Goshen Rec District language

Proposed wording changes in the Goshen zoning and building ordinances for the town’s Recreation District will be discussed at a public hearing held by the the Planning Board on Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 7 pm at the Goshen Town Hall.

Adopted in 2014, the regulations for the Goshen Recreation District address “year-round recreational and other uses” within the leasehold area at Mount Sunapee State Park and on adjoining lands owned by Sunapee Land Holdings, a limited liability company controlled by the operator of Okemo/Mount Sunapee Resort.

The town planners seek to clarify “Uses Permitted (subject to site plan review approval by the Planning Board)” by adding: “A.4.b19 Anything not specifically listed above needs approval from the Planning Board and/or Zoning Board.”

Earlier in the year, Okemo/Mount Sunapee Resort installed a 3D archery range in Goshen on state park land without prior consultation with the planning board or site plan review. According to town-posted correspondence on the subject, the planning board hopes that the wording change will prevent similar problems in the future.

“This will be a public hearing where residents may voice their concerns if desired,” the notice states. No wording is proposed to be removed or otherwise altered in this section, town planners say. The wording change will go to voters during Town Meeting in March 2018.

View the proposed wording change Recreation District Changes PDF (93kb) or visit the Town of Goshen website for Planning Board minutes (see November 2, 2017).  Contact FOMS for more information.

Newbury Master Plan: Updated and ready for review

The Newbury Planning Board is accepting public input through July 11, 2017, on the town’s revised Master Plan, and will consider adoption of the final Master Plan at its next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 18, 2017, at 7 p.m.

Comment on the Master Plan, Envision Newbury 2027, can be submitted to Newbury Land Use Coordinator Patricia Sweet-MacDonald.

The plan and contact information are available on the Town of Newbury website.

Or download the draft Master Plan here: mpdraft4.2_6.16.17_xs (pdf 7MB).

Newbury to hold hearing on master plan update: Envision Newbury 2027

The Newbury Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 29, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the Newbury Town Offices to review and discuss the Adoption of 2017 Master Plan Update. A hard copy of the Draft 2017 Master Plan entitled Envision Newbury 2027 is available for public review at the Town Office Building and at the Newbury Public Library (during regular business hours) and available for review on the Town of Newbury website

The vision, goals and recommendations contained in this Master Plan are designed to guide and aid the Planning Board and other Town boards in performing their respective duties with the overall goal of accomplishing coordinated and harmonious development of the Town of Newbury, New Hampshire.

Newbury planners to discuss 2017 Master Plan update

The Newbury Planning Board will hold a work session to discuss and review information concerning the town’s 2017 Master Plan update on Tues., May 2, 2017, at the Town Office Building, 937 Route 103, Newbury. The board will also discuss proposed amendments to Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations.

The town is updating its 2007 master plan. The public input process began with a community survey and two public forums in 2016. The first forum, Envision Newbury 2027, was held in June 2016. (A program slide shown.) The second forum, conducted in August 2016, focused on “future land use.”  The planning board will hold a public hearing to present the plan once completed.

See/view: envision_newbury_2027_forum_1_2016 (pdf 8MB)

Background info: What is a Master Plan? See Master Planning in NH (pdf 736kb) or visit the NH Office of Energy and Planning website

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