Executive Council defers vote on Vail Sunapee contract changes - Archived

The Executive Council on Dec. 5 voted to delay a vote on three changes to the Mount Sunapee area ski contract with Vail Resorts. The Governor and Council (G&C) next meet on Dec. 19 at the State House in Concord.

The amendments to the operating contract between the State and Vail include the controversial West Bowl expansion. The three provisions sent to G&C are significant and govern: 

  1. Change of control regarding the assignment, transfer, and sale of the equity interest
  2. West Bowl development
  3. Mount Sunapee Advisory Commission

You will find the amendments below. And you can listen to the Mount Sunapee discussion of Governor and Council via this audio clip (MP3 download).

For more about the Vail contract changes, see:

See Amendments A, B, and C here:

  1. DNCR Late Item A Change of Control 2018Dec (pdf 3 MB)
  2. DNCR Late Item B West Bowl 2018Dec (pdf 3 MB)
  3. DNCR Late Item C Advisory Comm 2018Dec (pdf 3 MB )

Governor Sununu added Mount Sunapee amendments A, B, and C to the Dec. 5 agenda as a late item, which precluded public review and comments on the specific provisions presented. The Secretary of State does not release and post ‘late items’ before the meeting.

Friends of Mount Sunapee believes the policy-making process that determines the future use and development of our State Park must be transparent and accountable and provide for meaningful citizen participation.



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