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FOMS Letter: March 2018

As Mount Sunapee State Park marks its 70th year, we would like to update you with a summary of our activities and thank you for your continued support.

We face challenging times. Nationally, we  see increased threats to our  public lands, ancient and treasured sites, forested and open spaces, and water resources. Private interests, with direct pipelines into the very agencies charged with preserving our special places, use their influence to gain leases and corporate-friendly policies and practices.

Mount Sunapee State Park is one of New Hampshire’s special places, part of our  great outdoors where we go for recreation, exploration and study, and quiet nature-focused enjoyment. Additionally, the park is part of an iconic landscape of unique ecological importance. Yet, last spring, the Union Leader reported: “Sunapee’s new leaseholder fined millions in bribery case.” Read more…

FOMS Letter: Spring 2017

In the early 1900s, decades before the formation of the state park, preservationist Herbert Welsh led the first campaign “to save Mount Sunapee for all people and to all time.” At the time, timber industry clear-cutting was destroying Mount Sunapee’s scenic beauty and natural environment including its primeval forest.

In defense of a Mount Sunapee State Park for all, the important work of conservation, education, and advocacy continues. Continue it must! Read more…

FOMS Pamphlet: Discussion of the 2015-2019 Proposed Master Plan for Mount Sunapee – Western Expansion into Goshen (1/2015)

Download/view: Proposed Expansion – Pamphlet 2015 Jan (PDF 431kb).

Letter to Friends – FOMS 2015 Jan Cover Letter (PDF 210kb)

Existing vs Proposed Trail Chart 2014




State should say “No” to expansion – Concord Monitor editorial – January 9, 2015

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Question 1: Public Trust, Public Interest, & Essential Public Values of Mount Sunapee State Park.
Question 2: DRED’s responsibilities for public process and oversight of the park and lease.
Question 3: Impacts of lease expansion on the park, the mountain, Goshen, and the region.
Question 4: DRED’s fiscal oversight responsibilities concerning the lease.
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Five Reasons FOMS Opposes Expansion at Mount Sunapee State Park, 2004 (pdf 35 Kb)


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