Mount Sunapee Advisory Commission

The state website: for the Mt. Sunapee Advisory Commission (MSAC)

  • Here you will find the current advisory members 
  • Current and past Annual Operating Plans
  • Current and past Five-year Master Development Plans (MDP)
  • Current and past Five-year  Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Commissioner’s Letters of Conditional Approvals for all projects

The committee clerk for the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR)

The DNCR commissioner chairs the advisory panel and responds to the ski area operator in writing to each Annual Operating Plan (AOP). The oversight policy requires the operator of the state-own ski area to submit an annual operating plan for review by May 15th. The response by the commissioner is due by June 30th.

The operator shall submit a five-year Master Development Plan (MDP) and Environmental Management Plan  (EMP) every five years.

See the Public Involvement & Oversight Policy for the Mount Sunapee ski area.

Archival lists of Meetings for the Mount Sunapee Advisory Commission (MSAC)






2014 and before

Note: Before legislative reorganization of state agencies, effective July 1, 2017, the Dept. of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) managed the divisions of Parks and Recreation and Forests and Lands.

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