New Brochure: Mount Sunapee State Park’s Rare Old Forest And Hiking Map

FOMS is proud to present our latest publication: Mount Sunapee State Park’s Rare Old Forest And Hiking Map. The guide is a key to understanding and experiencing the unique forested system on Mount Sunapee. The hiking trails featured in the guide are established trails that have been used by the public for years. The difference […]

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  We are announcing the release of a new film focused on Mount Sunapee’s Old Growth Forest.    The Forgotten Forest Primeval Re-Discovering Mount Sunapee’s Old Growth highlighting the rare, exemplary forest on Mount Sunapee as well as the early history of its protection as Forest Society’s first reservation in 1911. Mr. Asselin has produced numerous documentaries […]

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The Film “The Forgotten Forest Primeval – Rediscovering Mt. Sunapee’s Old Growth” will be shown and afterwards a question and answer and discussion with Steve Russell, President of Friends of Mount Sunapee.  The film is part of a speaker series program sponsored by the Elkins Library and its Trustees. [ecwd id=”3381″]

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     Exploration and studies of Mycorrhizal Fungi (the micro network that exists beneath the forest floor) have enhanced our understanding of the interconnectedness of the visible forest. This is especially true of older forests. What we see in older forests is a wonder but there exists a whole universe beneath the visible forest that […]

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What defines old growth in New Hampshire?

Old trees, large trees, structural diversity, snags, coarse woody debris, pit and mound topography, nurse logs, canopy gaps, broken-topped trees, mosses, lichens, and lack of human disturbance—these are characteristics of an old-growth forest in the Granite State. See “Finding Old-Growth Forests in New Hampshire,” an article by David Govatski, published by the University of New […]

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Rewilding: Bob Leverett on old growth, carbon sequestration, forest recovery

Voices & Views shares an interview with forest expert Bob Leverett via Rewilding. The discussion delves into the complex web of life in old-growth forests, carbon sequestration, and the edge-effects of rewilding areas adjacent to old growth. Leverett is the co-founder of the Native Tree Society, co-founder and President of Friends of Mohawk Trail State […]

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Latest News from FOMS

  Large Maple Exemplary Forest  Polygon 23    February 8, 2021 On November 5, 2020 the NH Dept. Natural and Cultural Resources held an online public hearing regarding Vail’s draft 2021-2025 Master Development/Environmental Management Plan for the leased area of Mount Sunapee State Park. Currently the plan is still under review by the Commissioner of  […]

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MSSP Forest hike 1-2 JB

Resistance Radio talks old forest ecology and protection

Resistance Radio recently aired an interview with Joan Maloof, an old-growth advocate. During the discussion, Maloof relates personal stories as she teaches about forest ecology, the importance of preserving old forests, and the work of the Old-Growth Forest Network. We share that interview here. And to learn about the rare old forest in Mount Sunapee […]

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The Environmental Hour explores Mount Sunapee’s rare old forest

The Environmental Hour on Portsmouth, New Hampshire, community radio WSCA 106.1 FM recently explored the exemplary and old forest in Mount Sunapee State Park with Steve Russell, president of the Friends of Mount Sunapee. The state-documented 484-acre exemplary natural community system in the Park includes enduring, rare old-growth surrounded by mature forest. “When I learned […]

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Mt Sunapee ski area 2020

Mount Sunapee Resort Five Year 2020-2025 and Revised EMP

Mount Sunapee Resort’s five-year Master Development Plan (MDP) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 2020-2025 (revised 2023) is online. The plans, submitted to the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) by Vail Resorts. You can review Five-Year Master Development plans and the Revised Environmental Management Plans at: DNCR and the division of Parks and Recreation […]

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Voices and Views via Friends of Mount Sunapee

Old-Growth Forest Network: The Healthiest Forest

Created by the Old-Growth Forest Network, this film “takes you on a 4-minute journey that represents 300 years in the life of a forest. See how structure and biodiversity recover naturally, and how continued management like thinning and harvesting interferes with recovery.” Related news articles Death of the giants: forests getting shorter, younger, in Northwest […]

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The Hobblebush

When heading out for a springtime hike or forest walk, be sure to look for the showy flowers of the hobblebush (Viburnum lantanoides). The hobblebush is a shade loving deciduous shrub with sprawling branches, which will root if they touch the ground. The photo above, taken while hiking at Mount Sunapee State Park, shows the […]

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Red-necked grebe

Recent bird sightings

Voices & Views, bird sightings in the Sunapee region: The NH Audubon Rare Bird Alert for May 4, 2020, reported six black scoters and a red-necked grebe seen on Lake Sunapee on May 1.  And the Alert for May 11, 2020, listed two red crossbills seen on Mountain Road in Newbury on May 11. See […]

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