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New Brochure: Mount Sunapee State Park’s Rare Old Forest And Hiking Map

FOMS is proud to present our latest publication: Mount Sunapee State Park’s Rare Old Forest And Hiking Map. The guide is a key to understanding and experiencing the unique forested system on Mount Sunapee. The hiking trails featured in the guide are established trails that have been used by the public for years. The difference […]

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The Film “The Forgotten Forest Primeval – Rediscovering Mt. Sunapee’s Old Growth” will be shown and afterwards a question and answer and discussion with Steve Russell, President of Friends of Mount Sunapee.  The film is part of a speaker series program sponsored by the Elkins Library and its Trustees. [ecwd id=”3381″]

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Camping during NH Stay at Home 2.0

NH State Parks during ‘Stay at Home 2.0’

On Friday, May 1, New Hampshire Governor Sununu announced: “Stay at Home 2.0” that included guidelines for the opening of State Park and private campgrounds. NH Parks’ reopening guidelines Reopening Guidance for State Parks Reopening Guidelines for Public and Private Campgrounds Most importantly, let’s keep ourselves well. And let’s keep our communities, our parks, and […]

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Everlasting forests, Mount Sunapee State Park

Everlasting Forests: The Mount Sunapee Story

“Everlasting Forests: The Mount Sunapee Story”—a Friends of Mount Sunapee presentation—is now available online. View (via YouTube: “Everlasting Forests: The Mount Sunapee Story” 26-minutes). New Hampshire’s unique natural heritage includes the rare forest on Mount Sunapee, located on public land. A FOMS PowerPoint program—”Everlasting Forests”—tells this under-told story. It is about citizen activism, protection of […]

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Old Forest three-photo mosaic

The under-told story: Mount Sunapee’s rare forest

Many people know Mount Sunapee as a fun place to ski. Few know the story of its rare forest. Yet, audiences at the Claremont MakerSpace and Goshen’s Brook Road Inn recently heard Steve Russell, president of Friends of Mount Sunapee, tell that story about an enduring, exemplary forest in Mount Sunapee State Park. “Everlasting Forests: […]

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Chandler Brook, along the Beach Access Road, at Mount Sunapaee State Park, Newbury, N.H>

Ice, water, and watersheds

Friends of Mount Sunapee recently added a Sunapee Mountain Watersheds page to the website. Check it out! And we welcome submissions of water and watershed related articles and media for publication. For more information, see our contact page. Water: This, that, and the other Now available from New Hampshire Silver Jackets is the Spring Report […]

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NH WIldlife Conservation FOMS

New NH rule, if made permanent, will put endangered species at risk

Environmental organizations in New Hampshire “say a new state rule, which has support from the construction industry and could become permanent, puts endangered species at greater risk from development.” See the reporting of Annie Ropeik for NHPR: Instead of “no adverse impacts,” the new rule says only that project designs must “not jeopardize the continued […]

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VGT 2019pg

VGJ: Citizens work to protect ancient forest on Mt. Sunapee

The Valley Green Journal, a local independent grassroots newsletter, recently published an article about the work that Friends of Mount Sunapee is doing to preserve the ancient forest on the mountain.  The article is in the Journal’s December 2019 – January 2020 issue. View or download it via the VGJ website at The Journal, based […]

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Eagle Times: Sunapee group seeks protection of old growth

The Friends of Mount Sunapee continues its work on conservation, natural resource protection, education, and advocacy. Our current focus includes outreach regarding the rare ancient forest in Mount Sunapee State Park. The enduring forest on Mount Sunapee We invite you to read a recent article via the Eagle Times: “Sunapee group seeks protection for old […]

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Conservation and preservation: LCHIP grants in the Mt. Sunapee area

The Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) is an independent state authority working to preserve New Hampshire’s vital natural, cultural, and historic resources. The 2018 LCHIP grants, announced in December, support two projects in the Mount Sunapee area: revitalization of the Goshen Grange building and land conservation along the North Branch of the Sugar […]

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Film tells of lost ancient forests of New England

Mount Sunapee State Park contains primeval forest, first documented in the Manual of Mount Sunapee in 1915 and rediscovered in 1997 by conservation ecologist Chris Kane. Permanent protection of Mount Sunapee’s “exemplary” and ancient forests is a priority for the Friends of Mount Sunapee. The film “The Lost Forests of New England” further informs and […]

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Soar over Mount Sunapee via “To Be A Bird”

Enjoy stunning, soaring views over New Hampshire via “To Be A Bird.”  This video by Kris Roller captures the autumn landscape and precious mountain and watershed lands … including Mount Sunapee. At 20 seconds, you’ll find yourself flying over Mount Sunapee and taking in breathtaking views of Lake Solitude and beyond. Take flight via — […]

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