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ends of Mount SunapeeThe Friends of Mount Sunapee is a grassroots organization that advocates for the protection of Mount Sunapee State Park for its essential public values; conservation of the Mount Sunapee highlands and watersheds; and preservation of the unique character and natural beauty of the rural communities in the mountain’s shadow. Learn more.

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Mount Sunapee Resort’s five-year Master Development Plan (MDP) and Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 2020-2025 are now available online. Read more.

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The Friends of Mount Sunapee (FOMS) centers its work on public interest issues and land and natural resource protection in the Mount Sunapee region. One goal of the organization is to engage and inform people about the public policies that govern what happens on the ground at Mount Sunapee State Park.  Another FOMS goal is to network with individuals and groups in support of the faithful stewardship of public conservation lands. We want to ensure that the unique natural heritage of the state is protected now and for future generations.

Join us in preserving Mount Sunapee’s primeval and exemplary forests for beauty, education, and wildlife.

See the FOMS brochure and video about the rare old forest in Mount Sunapee State Park:


New: Voices & Views

And new to the Friends of Mount Sunapee website is Voices & Views, dedicated to comments and images that reflect on experiences in nature, land conservation, and environmental stewardship. With your help, Voices & Views will bring you comments and short takes from FOMS members and non-members, bloggers, newsmakers, and others.

Voices & Views: Sunapee Mountain hike bestows far more than one seeks






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