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Friends of Mount Sunapee advocates for the protection of Mount Sunapee State Park for its essential public values; conservation of the Mount Sunapee highlands and watersheds; and preservation of the unique character and natural beauty of the rural communities in the mountain’s shadow. Learn more…




The State held a public information session on Wed., September 26 at the Mount Sunapee State Park to announce DNCR’s approval of a ski area lease transfer to Vail Resorts. Read the decision: Mount Sunapee Lease Decision.

Go to Newport Community TV online to view the meeting and discussion about three lease amendments that will go to Governor and Executive Council this month.

After the July 25 information session at Mount Sunapee State Park, FOMS submitted comments to DNCR Commissioner Sarah Stewart (Department of Natural and Cultural Resources,) which included a call for a “public hearing” and an oversight and administration commission to manage the ski area lease.

Additionally, we called for permanent protection of Mount Sunapee’s Exemplary Natural Community Systems, which includes precious primeval forest, and protection of the West Bowl lands from resort development.  We are encouraged to see others share this call for action.

Read FOMS Mount Sunapee Comments

More background information

View the July 25, 2018, Mount Sunapee State Park information session via Newport Community TV.

Friends of Mt. Sunapee Organizational Positions, as of July 10, 2018

Mount Sunapee Advisory Committee Meeting – Tuesday, June 19th – View the meeting via Newport Community TV.

Important News, June 4, 2018

Industry giant Vail Resorts announced it will acquire Mount Sunapee Resort and other Mueller ski properties. See the corporate news release from Vail Resorts here:  tpsp (pdf)

See FOMS Statement, June 4, 2018

Spring 2018
To: Friends of Mount Sunapee

As Mount Sunapee State Park marks its 70th year, we would like to update you with a summary of our activities and thank you for your continued support. Read more. 

People want answers:  How did a criminally sanctioned hedgefund get control of the ski area lease at Mount Sunapee State ParkView via Vimeo, the Aug. 22, 2017, public meeting on the Mount Sunapee lease sale to Och-Ziff.

What is Och-Ziff and what does it have to do with Mount Sunapee? Read about Och-Ziff including news articles about the sale of the ski area lease at Mount Sunapee State Park. We continue to gather and post public documents. See registry filings related to the recent sale.

Public Citizen warns the State of New Hampshire about the failures of deferred prosecution agreements in regards to Och-Ziff, the new leaseholder (of the ski area) at Mount Sunapee State Park. Read more.

If you have information to share or can help with analysis, please contact us.

Looking for information about the five-year development plan for Mount Sunapee? Visit the FOMS library of documents here.

A look back to 2016
Protect Mount Sunapee State Park_blueFriends of Mount Sunapee is committed to protecting Mount Sunapee and will continue to stand firm against ill-guided resort expansion. The New Hampshire Executive Council on April 6, 2016, approved a Lease Amendment and Letter of Conditions that enables western development of the state-owned ski area at Mount Sunapee State Park. Read more via InDepthNH.

“The documents that govern the West Bowl Expansion are legally insufficient for a transaction of this significance,” wrote Attorney Arthur Cunningham. Read about the governing documents via InDepthNH.

Lawyer: Mt Sunapee Expansion Contracts Good for Operator, Bad for New Hampshire – via InDepthNH


In the early 1900s, decades before the formation of the state park, preservationist Herbert Welsh led the first campaign “to save Mount Sunapee for all people to all time.” At the time, timber industry clear-cutting was destroying Mount Sunapee’s scenic beauty and natural environment including its primeval forest. In defense of a Mount Sunapee State Park for all, the important work of conservation, education, and advocacy continues. 

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