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Help us advocate, educate, and inspire. Help us protect Mount Sunapee State Park, its essential public values, and unique natural heritage. Advance the mission: Send your message today.

We encourage you to share your interests and concerns with state officials and policymakers. Write a letter. Make a call. Additionally, your letters to the editor are valuable advocacy tools; they help raise awareness, inform, and keep issues in the public sphere. LTEs also help promote community conversation and encourage discussion between concerned citizens.

  • For letters and calls to state officials and agencies, see our list of contacts: HERE
  • For letters to the editor, see our list of Granite State publications: HERE

Email FOMS to share with us your comments and letters, including your LTEs.

Protect New Hampshire’s Unique Natural Heritage

At Mount Sunapee State Park is an exemplary natural community system that encompasses a rare old forest. This forest is an irreplaceable part of New Hampshire’s natural and cultural heritage, which deserves and requires permanent protection.

Why is permanent protection needed? Through the years, ski area development has cut into and diminished Mount Sunapee’s old forest. And if future resort development proceeds as planned, more fragmentation and threats to the forest will result.

How You Can Help

  • Volunteer to be an old-forest advocate in your community, school or place of work
  •  Become a FOMS board member 
  •  Help with public outreach and events
  •  Support our work with a donation.

Need more info? Contact FOMS

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And please see our resource page Natural Heritage and Ancient Forests and the FOMS updated brochure “Mount Sunapee State Park’s Rare Old Forest And Hiking Map” 

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