Organizations respond to development plans for Mount Sunapee

Background info, 2014-2016: The ski area operator at Mount Sunapee State Park, Okemo/Mount Sunapee Resort proposes its 2015-2019 Master Development Plan and Environmental Management Plan (MDP/EMP) in a document dated June 1, 2014. View that plan here. The resort presents few details about the plan at a public hearing in August 2014.

Friends of Mount Sunapee responds to the 2015-2019 MDP/EMP  – 09.26.14 (pdf 96kb)

DRED Commissioner Rose (Dept. of Resources and Economic Development) releases a draft decision on the 2015-2019 MDP/EMP on April 16, 2015, Shortly after, on May 5, 2015, DRED holds a public hearing.

Organizations respond to the ‘draft decision‘ by Commissioner Rose. Read the public comments from:

Draft map provided by DRED at Mount Sunapee public hearing May 5, 2015


On March 17, 2106, Commissioner Jeffrey Rose approves and releases a revised 2016-2020 MDP/EMP (dated Dec. 1, 2015). The commissioner seeks no public comment on the revised five-year plan and a quick vote by the Executive Council

Links to the revised 2016-2020 MPD/EMP are located here.

See the Friends of Mount Sunapee response: Sunapee-Contract-Analysis-April-1-2016-F (pdf 185kb)

The Executive Council votes (3-1-1) to approve the revised plan on April 6, 2016.


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