Old Growth Forests: Resources and Info

Old-Growth Forests: Resources & Information

Old-Growth Forest Network (website) creating a network of protected old-growth forests Joan Maloof, Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, founded the Old-Growth Forest Network to preserve, protect, and promote the country’s few remaining stands of old-growth forest.

Finding Old-Growth Forests in New Hampshire by David Govatski, NH Big Tree, Coverts and Speaking for Wildlife volunteer, (February 2021) via UNH Cooperative Extension.

Eastern Old-Growth Forests in an Era of Change by Bill Keeton (Spring 2020) via NorthernWoodland.org

Beyond Old Growth, Older Forests in a Changing World: A synthesis of findings from five regional workshops (PDF 2.5 MB), sponsored by the National Council for Science and the Environment

Good Forestry: 7.5 Old -Growth Forests via the UNH Extension Service – “Background: New Hampshire’s old-growth forests are unique, valuable, and endangered natural resources requiring protection and conservation.”

Old Growth Is More Than Big Trees via the Forest Society – “How much old growth remains in the state? … Modest new areas of old growth have been discovered since 1986, including approximately 75 acres in Mount Sunapee State Park.” (2008)

Old Growth in the East, A Survey, revised 2003 (PDF 1.9 MB)) – See page 29 for the entry about Mount Sunapee State Park

Old Forest in Franconia Notch State Park (PDF 1.4 MB) by NH Natural Heritage Bureau

MassWildlifeCover2013Vol4Massachusetts Wildlife magazine (2013, Vol. 4) –  See the article “Old Growth on Wachusett Mountain” that starts on page 18. Download the magazine via the link. (PDF 20 MB)