Message from FOMS President (2008)

Mountain Line DrawingMarch 2008

As we slip, shovel and slide through a white but warm winter, we can take comfort in knowing mud and black flies are only a few weeks away. Though, our dramatic seasonal changes are a large part of what makes our region so special. Appreciation and respect for that which we have no control over are part of our lives here. Keeping that perspective is our challenge. The protection of our natural resources and our special places is our solution.

The success last year of the Pillsbury-Sunapee Ridge Forest Project, protecting over 1000 acres of highly visible, ecologically critical land, was an effort driven by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and demonstrates the passion of the region to protect open space. Thank you and congratulations to all who participated.

As featured in this newsletter, on Saturday, April 5th in Sutton, we have an opportunity to come together, network and learn about the latest in land conservation and community planning at the Saving Special Places Conference. We hope many people, including town officials, take part.

We continue to advocate for an open and accountable planning and decision-making process for our public lands managed by the Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED). Specifically, why did DRED not involve its own advisory committee and the public in the nearly two-year discussion surrounding the proposed new, multi-million dollar New England Handicapped Sports Association complex at Mount Sunapee? Such usage of public lands deserves a public process. Such a worthy project merits no less.

As you can read in this newsletter, we continue to monitor the lawsuit filed by the Okemo group operating the ski area. As this proceeds, we will be involved as appropriate and necessary. We remain vigilant.

Organizationally, FOMS is seeking a director to join the current board and would appreciate the assistance of a recording secretary. If you are interested in learning more about FOMS and volunteering, please contact one of our directors or call the office at 603-863-0045.

We look forward to hearing from you, and always welcome your questions and ideas. We appreciate your support.

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