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See the FOMS resource page for the complete list of studies:  Natural Heritage studies of Mount Sunapee


Click on the image above to view the report.

See other Natural Heritage reports in the FOMS library of documents:

Rare Plants, Rare Animals, and Exemplary Natural Communities in New Hampshire Towns, 2019 (pdf 2 MB)

Natural Communities of New Hampshire Second Edition: WebVersion_Tech-Manual (pdf 2MB)

Key to Natural Communities: NC-Key-June-27_2012



NHB_TheNatureofNH_previewThe Nature of New Hampshire
Natural Communities of the Granite State
Dan Sperduto, Ben Kimball

(2011 • 360 pp. 315 color illus., 23 tables, 5 maps, 23 figs.)

Created by New Hampshire Natural Heritage, this beautiful and informative book is available via the University of Massachusetts Press or your look bookstore.

Can you compress New Hampshire’s natural beauty into book form? Perhaps not, but a new guide, The Nature of New Hampshire, makes a gorgeous attempt. The volume includes photos, drawings and text describing the state’s incredible diversity. Concord Monitor

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