Okemo Claims to Have No Real Estate Intentions for West Bowl

Okemo Claims ‘There were no plans to build any condos’ in 2004, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

The front page of Tuesday (8/19/14)  Intertown Record includes this quote from Jay Gamble, General Manager:

In 2004 the state required all and any potential development plans to be listed, the plan itself specified there were no plans to build any condos.

At this point it is exactly the same as it was then, there are no detailed plans for this area, there is no landscape architecture and no specific planning for any potential development other than the mention in the 2004 plan that there is potential.

From that statement it has [been] mischaracterized into a huge condo plan. That is simply incorrect.

We have always followed the process set forth by DRED to provide and to review a master plan with state officials and the public.

Yet in April 2014, Okemo’s attorney told the Merrimack Superior Court that his client had lost ‘the real estate in between’ and millions of dollars in value. Read his full quote or listen to the audio.

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