Audio: Councilors question Mt. Sunapee West Bowl and other lease changes - Archived

The Executive Council held a public meeting on October 23 to get more information about three proposed amendments to the ski area lease at Mount Sunapee State Park. Listen to the discussion via Google Drive Share, download MP3:

Two of the five councilors, Russell Prescott and Andru Volinsky, attended and asked questions on Tuesday.

Meeting participants included Commissioner Sarah Stewart (Department of Natural and Cultural Resources), Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, Senior Assistant Attorney General Dianne Martin, Sabrina Stanwood (Natural Heritage Bureau) and Will Abbott (Forest Society).

When Governor and Council met on October 17, the councilors voted 5-0 to table the proposed Mount Sunapee lease changes to allow time to get more information and consider the DNCR request.

The Council will take action on the West Bowl and other lease amendments when it next meets on October 31.

Friends of Mount Sunapee opposes the West Bowl amendment and seeks an Administration Commission to oversee the ski area lease, as called for by law.

See FOMS recent alert.

Now is the time to call or email Executive Council members:

District 1 – Councilor Joseph D. Kenney
District 2 – Councilor Andru Volinsky
District 3 – Councilor Russell E. Prescott
District 4 – Councilor Christopher C. Pappas
District 5 – Councilor David K. Wheeler

West Bowl Amendment

The most controversial lease amendment would extend to Vail the West Bowl expansion option, although Vail has yet to disclose any ski area development plans within or outside the existing leasehold area. Vail assumed the Mount Sunapee ski area lease and operations last month.

The West Bowl amendment would enable resort and real estate development on land adjoining Mount Sunapee State Park. The expansion plan would allow for extending the park boundary while supporting the build-out on private property held or assigned by Vail. The private development would retain perpetual easements and access to the State Park, according to the proposed lease amendment.


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