Leaseholder at Mount Sunapee – CNL eyes liquidation of ski properties - Archived

Letter published in the InterTown Record, Dec. 23, 2014

Leaseholder of Mount Sunapee ski resort eyes liquidation of ski-mountain properties

Should the State consider Mount Sunapee Resort’s (MSR) proposal to expand ski terrain on the western side of Mount Sunapee State Park?

CNL’s recent financial picture is one of precipitous decline. It’s share valuation has gone from an initial offering of $10 declining to $5.42 on 11-29-14, to 10 cents on 12-5-14. The owners, CNL Lifestyle Properties, Inc., are pursuing liquidation strategies of their ski-mountain properties.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to table the “west bowl expansion” until the owner’s financial picture becomes clear? Who would pay for the infrastructure of this ski-terrain expansion?  Read more…

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