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The Mount Sunapee Advisory Committee will meet on June 23rd at the Newbury Town Offices for a presentation and discussion of the Annual Operating Plan (2016-2017) for the state-owned ski area at Mount Sunapee State Park. FOMS encourages the public to attend. See Latest News…

Protect Mount Sunapee State Park_blueFriends of Mount Sunapee is committed to protecting Mount Sunapee, and will continue to stand firm against expansion. The Executive Council approved the “West Bowl” expansion in a  3-1 vote on April 6, 2016, which required Council approval of a Lease Amendment and Letter of Conditions. Read more via InDepthNH.

Read about governing documents via InDepthNH

Forest Society Seeks to Explore Conserving Adjacent Lands

“Given our history in protecting Mount Sunapee, and given that we have not been in favor of the expansion, it’s hard not to be disappointed in today’s vote. Whenever there’s talk about “balance” it usually means that something in mountains and the forests has been irretrievably lost. Read more…

Lawyer: Mt Sunapee Expansion Contracts Good for Operator, Bad for New Hampshire – via InDepthNH

“The documents that govern the West Bowl Expansion are legally insufficient for a transaction of this significance… portions of the contracts are confusing, will invite litigation, violate existing state laws, allow for condominium development 50 feet from the park, and would let the developer simply walk away and not finish it,” said Attorney Arthur Cunningham.

A link to Attorney Cunningham’s letter and analysis are posted in full… via InDepthNH

See FOMS Statement

Hassan and Council need to veto this ill-conceived plan for Mount Sunapee

The plan is cynical, short sighted and designed to trigger a cascade of unintended consequences. Commissioner Rose disingenuously boasts that the plan will yield “environmental benefits”. In reality, it makes a mockery of DRED’s own Natural Heritage Bureau and state environmental law… Read more

Read an opinion editorial via the Concord Monitor (3/22/2016)

Sunapee and the sad state of stewardship

Now, locally, I have seen Mount Sunapee leased off for a pittance, and possibly forever, to people in the private sector who are turning the state into an amusement park, indeed a carnival of amusements.

Those in power who make the decisions affecting the natural beauty of New Hampshire might reflect on what stewardship means to them. There has been a profound failure to nurture on their watch in my lifetime, a profound corruption of their responsibilities.

Will someone come along with the courage and character to say “no” to further expansion? – by John Johns, North Sutton.

Read in full via the Concord Monitor

Read an opinion editorial in the NH Business Review (3/19/2016)

Mt. Sunapee expansion decision must be rejected – DRED’s proposed ‘compromise’ ignores the historical reasoning for public investment at Sunapee and all state parks

On Thursday, Jeff Rose, Hassan’s commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, finally delivered a multi-hundred-million-dollar gold mine to a favored out-of-state corporate interest.

His “rainbow” requires Executive Council approval before the gilded real estate developer can claim the pot of gold…[and of] a very complex legal agreement that further binds the people of New Hampshire to Okemo and the uncertain future of the ski industry. – Tom Elliott, a leading opponent to the expansion.

Read in full via NH Business Review

Key Talking Points about the Sunapee Expansion


June 2015 – Public responds to Sunapee expansion plan

Coalition delivers 1,900+ comments and signatures opposing ski resort expansion at Mount Sunapee State Park to Governor Hassan and Commissioner Rose

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProtect Mount Sunapee State Park

Why people oppose resort expansion.

The over-arching message was strong and clear at the 2015 public hearing at Mount Sunapee State Park: Resort expansion is a violation of public trust and represents negligent planning and irresponsible use of our most valued natural resources.

April 2015 – FOMS says DRED’s ‘draft decision’ that recommends resort expansion at Mount Sunapee is unacceptable: Read why! Read Commissioner Rose’s statement.

March 2015 – CNL looks at selling resort operations including Mount Sunapee

While the State considers a highly controversial proposal for expansion of the resort/ski area at Mount Sunapee State Park, the lessee CNL is considering an “exit strategy” that will maximize shareholder return. Read more…

“State should say no thanks to Sunapee plan”

Concord Monitor Editorial

Sunday, December 28, 2014 – Print edition and on-line

Sometime soon – soon being relative in a process that’s dragged on for years – Jeffrey Rose, commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, will issue his draft response to yet another proposal to expand the state-owned Mount Sunapee Ski area. That expansion, which would link publicly owned parkland to private land and become home to a major real estate development, is unprecedented in New Hampshire.

Get it wrong and a premier part of the state, and land left in trust to its people, could be forever altered. Rose’s response should be to withhold judgment pending more public hearings and answers to a host of questions. Should he ultimately recommend in favor of expanding the ski area, its fate will be up to the Executive Council and Gov. Maggie Hassan. If it comes to that, like her predecessor, governor John Lynch, Hassan should say, “No.”

…Anyone who wants to get a sense of what the Sunapee area could become should visit Ludlow, Vt., home to the Okemo ski area and soon to yet another “village” of summer homes and condominiums. Is that what New Hampshire wants for its state parks?

Read the editorial in full via www.Concord Monitor.com

State should say no thanks to Sunapee plan (PDF 75kb)

This proposal is wrong for Mount Sunapee State Park and wrong for New Hampshire.

FOMS letter to Governor Hassan and Commissioner Rose – Feb. 9, 2015

  • This proposal is wrong for our state park and wrong for New Hampshire. The expansion will violate the public trust, destroy exemplary forest in the park, bisect and diminish an ecological landscape of statewide importance, and will severely impact other popular public uses of the park.
  • Considering the harmful impacts and legal implications of expansion, the Friends of Mount Sunapee believes it is appropriate and advisable for the State to now direct Mount Sunapee Resort to bring forth to the public a revised Master Development Plan that stays within the existing ski area, leaves all identified exemplary forest untouched, and limits future projects to the areas of the park already disturbed.


Expansion proposal directly conflicts with the State’s legal obligation to protect exemplary natural communities.

Forest Society letter to DRED addresses Mount Sunapee expansion – Feb. 23, 2015

  • “Our review suggests that the Resort’s expansion proposal directly conflicts with the State’s legal obligation to protect exemplary natural communities.”
  • “The original reason that the Forest Society started protecting Mt. Sunapee in 1911, and assisted in its eventual transfer to the State, was to ensure that the ancient forests on its slopes be protected for posterity.  As the current steward of this public treasure, DRED should continue the work started in 1911 and use its authority to sustain the ecological health of these forests within the State Park.”

Proposed Expansion at Mount Sunapee: What are the issues and concerns?

FOMS opposes Okemo’s proposed Master Development Plan at Mount Sunapee as written. Our concerns include, but are not limited, to Okemo’s failure to address their private, residential development plans for the West Bowl; the legal and public policy implications of commingling of State Park land and private land; and the lack of inclusion of relevant environmental impact studies commissioned by the State. Read more…

FOMS Letter to DRED re: Mt Sunapee 09.26.14 (pdf)

Okemo/Mount Sunapee Resort submitted in June 2014 their proposed 2015-2019 Master Development Plan (MDP) for Mount Sunapee to N.H. Department of Resource and Economic Development (DRED). The plan proposes a “West Bowl” expansion of the existing trail network onto privately held land in Goshen. Although the MDP, as currently drafted, is suspiciously silent on the scale and scope of future residential development, the proposed expansion will connect the current lift access terrain to private property that in 2004 was slated for 175-250 condominium units. See below.

There are many unresolved concerns the proposed master plan does not address. See FOMS: Discussion of the 2015-2019 Proposed Master Plan for Mount Sunapee – Western Expansion Into Goshen

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission evaluated the MDP and EMP.  Read the Commission’s Letter to Commissioner Rose.

IMPORTANT: Share your concerns with your elected officials and policy makers.

Governor Maggie Hassan: http://www4.egov.nh.gov/nhgovernor/comments

Commissioner Jeffrey Rose, Department of Resources and Economic Development: Jeffrey.Rose@dred.nh.gov

Commissioner Rose said he will issue a draft response on the Mount Sunapee master plan “in time for the Mount Sunapee Resort to prepare its Annual Operating Plan for 2015-2016, which is due to DRED by May 15, 2015.” That draft response will be posted on the State website. The commissioner said he will seek public comment on his draft response.

April 2015 – Amended Plan released by DRED Commissioner Rose

MDP 2014 Map Upgrading PlanOkemo/Mount Sunapee Resort – 2014 Proposed Master Development Plan for Mount Sunapee

Will there be Real Estate Development? Click here.

Read the Proposed Five Year MDP in three parts:

I. Master Development Plan (16mb PDF)

II. Environmental Management Plan (11mb PDF)

III. Appendices Document I and Document II (11mb and 20mb PDFs)

MDP 2014 Upgrades Map onlyMDP 2014 Map Legend Upgrades

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