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Proposed Expansion at Mount Sunapee:

What are the issues and concerns?

FOMS opposes Okemo’s proposed Master Development Plan at Mount Sunapee as written. Our concerns include, but are not limited, to Okemo’s failure to address their private, residential development plans for the West Bowl; the legal and public policy implications of commingling of State Park land and private land; and the lack of inclusion of relevant environmental impact studies commissioned by the State. Read more…

 FOMS Letter to DRED re: Mt Sunapee 09.26.14 (pdf)

Okemo/MSR has submitted their proposed 2015-2019 Master Development Plan (MDP) to N.H. Department of Resource and Economic Development (DRED). The plan proposes a “West Bowl” expansion of the existing trail network onto privately held land in Goshen. Although the MDP, as currently drafted, is suspiciously silent on this issue of future residential development, the proposed West Bowl expansion will connect the current lift access terrain to private property that in 2004 was slated for 175-250 condominium units.

There are many unresolved concerns the proposed MDP and ski area expansion does not address:

  • What are the long term development plans of the private land in Goshen?
  • What are the legal and public policy implications of attaching private land to a State Park? 
  • How will DRED oversee Okemo/MSR if it operates partially on private land?
  • What happens to the expansion at the end of the lease?   
  • What happens to Goshen’s infrastructure if the town’s population doubles? 

Although the public comment period ended on Sept. 26, it’s never too late to get involved and to share concerns with our public officials and policy makers. Also share your comments with FOMS via our Contact Page or emai: info@FriendsofMountSunapee.org

DRED Commissioner Jeffrey Rose: Jeffrey.Rose@dred.nh.gov

Governor Maggie Hassan: http://www4.egov.nh.gov/nhgovernor/comments


Okemo’s 2014 Proposed Master Development Plan

Read the Proposed Five Year MDP in three parts:

I. Master Development Plan (16mb PDF)

II. Environmental Management Plan (11mb PDF)

III. Appendices Document I and Document II (11mb and 20mb PDFs)

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