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Cardigan Highlanders trail work on Mt. Sunapee set for Sat., Oct. 6

The Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew (CHVTC) will be on Mount Sunapee this weekend and welcomes help with the trail work at hand.

On Saturday, October 6, the trail crew will meet at Mount Sunapee State Park, ride the chairlift to the top of the mountain, and then descend the Summit Trail to work on drainage dips.

“We hope and expect to stop when we reach the fixtures we built in our earlier five days of work there this season, then hike downhill to our cars and refreshments,” said crew leader Craig Sanborn.

The Summit Trail is a popular public hiking trail on Mount Sunapee. This job is necessary for the health of the trail, explained Sanborn. Other trail work will continue on Sunday or Monday on the Newbury Trail.

On Friday, the trail crew will be on Mount Kearsarge, the Rollins Trail.

The gear needed: leather boots, long pants, and BYO work gloves or gloves will be provided. Food, water, and supplies for all day in the forecasted weather, dry and 50s.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Craig Sanborn, email:

The Cardigan Highlanders is a non-profit organization recruiting new trail workers and support. It has been doing trail work on Mount Sunapee and Mount Cardigan since 1985. See the Cardigan Highlanders website.

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Volunteer trailworker and crew chief Craig Sanborn receives Spirit of NH Award

Craig Sanborn, crew chief of the Cardigan Mountain Volunteer Trail Crew, receives a 2015 Volunteer NH Spirit Award at the awards event held Nov. 10 at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord, NH.

Congratulations to trailworker, mentor and crew chief, Craig Sanborn, who was recently recognized for his “commitment to service and the tradition of volunteerism” with a 2015 Spirit of New Hampshire Award.

Craig is a dedicated worker and advocate for our public hiking trails including those on Mount Sunapee.

As crew chief of the Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew, Craig celebrated 30 years of trail tending by welcoming new members, who learned the skills and turned out to have fun building dozens of new fixtures on Mounts Cardigan, Sunapee, and Kearsarge.

We tend 10 miles of hiking trail on the Cardigan range and 5 miles on Mount Sunapee. We see to the routine preventive Level 1 upkeep: clean 140 drains spring and fall, trim back the brush, paint the blazes that mark trails for hikers, and remove fallen trees. After 30 years we know how often to attend these chores, so our trails are almost always in good condition. We also build all the Level 2 fixtures on these trails: steps, waterbars, retaining walls, bridges, signs etc.
In 2015, the trail crew added 45 rock steps on Mount Cardigan’s West Ridge Trail and, on Mount Sunapee, 60 on the Newbury Trail and 4 on Andrew Brook Trail. Other work included building:
  • 6 rock waterbars on Sunapee’s Rim Trail, which now has 20 drains in its half mile length;
  • a 20′ bridge with the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club on a MSGTC maintained trail; and
  • a 12′ bridge (at State request) that required hauling PT lumber 1/4 mile up the Barlow Trail on Mt. Kearsarge at Winslow State Park.
The trail crew’s worklog totals 811 hours.

Cardigan Highlanders volunteers to do trail work on Mt. Sunapee


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The Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew starts its summer season of trail work on Sunday, June 28, at Mount Sunapee State Park. The crew will get a ride up the summit chairlift and then hike the Solitude Trail, break at White Ledges, and hike down to Andrew Brook Trail. Crew chief Craig Sanborn said the work is to “trim brush and clean drains as we hike. Fix and add rock pavers and drains, and  rock steps on steep slopes, until we decide to call it a day.” The total hike is 3.2 miles all downhill. Heaviest tools are 10-lb 4′ rock bars, shovel, pick, loppers, saws, hand pruners, and webbing, etc. If weather requires cancellation, it will be announced by email to those who signed up to work. For more information and to volunteer, email Craig Sanborn at




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