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Friends of Mount Sunapee is a broad coalition of skiers and school teachers, farmers and foresters, hikers and hunters, business owners and backpackers, artists and attorneys, nurses and nature photographers. We outnumbered the proponents by 3:1 at the recent public hearing, and our numbers are growing every day. We will not be silent. We will not go away. We will not allow one of the crown jewels of our state park system to be degraded by resort development to facilitate financial gain for a select few. Allowing this expansion runs contrary to the 100 year effort to protect a large mosaic of conservation land in and around Mount Sunapee State Park. – Gary Stansfield, Friends of Mount Sunapee

Representatives of the New Hampshire Sierra Club and the Friends of Mount Sunapee, joined by other concerned citizens, delivered more than 1,900 comments and signatures opposing ski resort expansion at Mount Sunapee State Park to Governor Hassan and Commissioner Rose on June 4, following a news conference at the Legislative Office Building in Concord.

Speakers at the press conference included Chapter Director Catherine Corkery, NH Sierra Club; Chapter President Jerry Curran, NH SC; FOMS representative Gary Stansfield; Deb Flanders, a ski racing coach and former member of the US National Ski Team; business owner Kathy Hubert; and civic leader and former Newport selectman John Lunn.


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